Contest Entries

Carrie Ayers


I always use reusables whenever possible. For example, I have reusable utenils in my desk at work for lunch and I bring stainless steel straws to restaurants so I don't have to use plastic straws.

Sara Mook

Petal Project

I have gotten more work involved in being green by joining the Petal Project, which is an organization that focuses on Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Waste and Water Conservation and educating the staff about how to be more eco friendly. When you fill all your leaves you become petal certified. There are many things you need to meet on the criteria before you become petal certified but w ... [Read More]

Patricia Bonaparte

Energy Efficient Bulbs

My household has switched from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs in all of our light fixtures. The compact fluorescents last over 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and deliver outstanding efficiency as well as significant cost savings.

Sally Carvel

Eco bag

I usually take a reusable bag (Eco bag) when I go to grocery/drug stores to reduce use of plastic bags, which I believe makes me "Green". Another good thing about it is that I can enjoy collecting various pretty designed Eco bads :)

Karl Baldwin

Green in a red World.

In a world that discards objects on a whim, without conscern for the consequences, I choose to be green. I recycle and reuse or repurpose anything I can lay my hands on. I recycle all of the paper that enters my house; glass is recycled according to color, and aluminium cans, steel cans also. That makes me the greenest person I know of.

William Carlini

Recycling for a Better Environment

Each day I make a conscientious effort to recycle. The Earth gives us so many wonderful things, so it's our responsibility to protect it. Recycling is something so simple to do, but has a tremendous benefit to our planet if everyone takes part. A world with less garbage and pollution is good for all of us and I recommend more people take advantage of the ways their communities recycle waste.